The Bamboo Bar

Drinks, jazz – and a rich tradition

In addition to being Bangkok’s most highly rated bar and one of the “World’s Best Bars 2020”, “The Bamboo Bar” is an institution. Not least thanks to its history, as it was the Thai capital’s first jazz bar when it opened in 1953. With its combination of bamboo furniture, tiger prints and polished service, “The Bamboo Bar” retains a historical ambience, with live music still an integral part of the concept. The menu devised by head bartender Kirill Samoilenko also follows a concept. Entitled “Elements”, it matches each drink with one of Thailand’s five landscapes: rainforest, city, mountain, island or river. If you’d like a quick trip to Thailand during THE EPICURE, the mixologists from “The Bamboo Bar” are the perfect tour guides.

The Bamboo Bar at THE EPICURE

Tuesday, 5 July to Thursday, 7 July 2022

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The Bamboo Bar, Bangkok, Thailand