Sergio and Javier Torres

The hard-working twins

After completing their culinary training together, the Torres twins went their separate ways for a few years in order to earn their stripes working at the world’s top restaurants. However, Sergio and Javier stayed in touch throughout this time and forged their plans, which they began to put into practice in 2007. Between launching Eñe in São Paulo (2007) and then also in Rio de Janeiro (2009), the twins went on to open their first restaurant in their home town with Dos Cielos in 2008. Now, thanks to several restaurants and two Michelin stars, they have become a firm fixture in Barcelona’s fine-dining scene – and, since 2016, have also been represented in Spain’s capital city with Dos Cielos. Their success is no coincidence but the result of long planning: at the age of 8, the two twins – now aged 52 – already knew that cooking was their calling.

Sergio and Javier Torres at THE EPICURE

Sunday, 10 July 2022

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Cocina Hermanos Torres, Barcelona, Spain