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Gerhard Wieser

Gerhard Wieser is a passionate cook and a South Tyrol native. He went on to become the youngest head chef in South Tyrol at the age of 25. The 2-Michelin-starred chef has worked at Hotel Castel since 1992, and has headed up its gourmet restaurant, Trenkerstube, since it opened in 2001. For Wieser, cooking is about honesty – about focusing on showcasing the pure, unadulterated, true flavour of the ingredients more than on the visual presentation. He is constantly experimenting to find new ways of extracting the very essence of these flavours, always tweaking his dishes and never growing tired of trying to perfect every aspect of every dish. Wieser places great emphasis on the quality of his ingredients. He knows that food is also about responsibility, and therefore sources much of his produce from the local region. If the quality of these local ingredients is not high enough, he sources them from outside of South Tyrol. Using regional produce is important, but Wieser’s top priority lies with finding the absolute highest-quality, freshest and most flavoursome ingredients. The cuisine of South Tyrol is a combination of hearty and traditional flavours from the Austrian Tyrol and Mediterranean influences from Italy – this blend of northern perfection and southern flair is the perfect basis for Wieser’s unique Alpine–Mediterranean style.

Gerhard Wieser at THE EPICURE

Sunday, 8 September 2019

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Trenkerstube, Hotel Castel, Tirol bei Meran, Italy