David Martin

No half measures

David Martin makes no compromises – least of all in the kitchen. This has nothing to do with arrogance, but is rather a matter of trust in his abilities. They enabled him to receive his first Michelin star for La Paix in Brussels back in 2008 – just two years after taking over and as the first brasserie ever. He received the second star in 2018, when Martin reduced the menu in La Paix from 80 to 20 dishes. A trip to Japan provided the inspiration for this substantial cut, and his findings there have strongly influenced the La Paix menu ever since. The main goal of the 51-year-old is to titillate guests’ taste buds, with aesthetics being secondary. After all, this is why Martin cooks – rather than for Instagram. GaultMillau approved of this: the restaurant guide chose Martin as “Chef of the Year” in 2019.

David Martin at THE EPICURE

Sunday, 10 July 2022

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La Paix, Brussels, Belgium