Stevie McLaughlin

Scotland’s two stars

Early in his training, Stevie McLaughlin became aware of what makes a good kitchen: hard work, the constant pursuit of quality and attention to detail. He shared this philosophy with Andrew Fairlie, who he worked under at One Devonshire Gardens. When Fairlie opened his own restaurant in 2001, he took McLaughlin with him. Together, they turned Restaurant Andrew Fairlie in Glasgow into an institution – and the only two-star restaurant in Scotland. McLaughlin finds inspiration for new dishes in the restaurant’s own garden, where he constantly explores new flavour combinations. However, even the best products are useless if there is a poor ambience in the kitchen. The 46-year-old believes that young chefs can only develop their talents in a positive working environment.

Stevie McLaughlin at THE EPICURE

Sunday, 10 July 2022

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Andrew Fairlie Restaurant, Glasgow, Scotland