Matteo Ferrantino

Conductor of the silent orchestra

Matteo Ferrantino’s career began with a happy coincidence. Whilst working as a chef at a simple restaurant on Mallorca, he happened to meet Roland Trettl. The Austrian employed Ferrantino at his Michelin-starred restaurant Ca’s Puers; Ferrantino then went on to work in Salzburg (Hangar-7) and Portugal (Villa Joya). In 2017, his long-held dream finally came true: he opened his own restaurant, Bianc, in Hamburg. The architecture is inspired by his home region of Apulia, while the colours and textures also evince Mediterranean flair – as does the menu, of course. Ferrantino compares his kitchen, which received two Michelin stars in 2020, to a silent orchestra. A beautiful image that is truly fitting – Bianc affords a direct view of the Elbphilharmonie.

Matteo Ferrantino at THE EPICURE

Sunday, 10 July 2022

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bianc, Hamburg, Germany