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Jan Hartwig

Jan Hartwig has worked as chef de cuisine at Atelier at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof since May 2014. After completing his training as a chef at Dannenfelds Restaurant in Braunschweig, he worked at Kastell with Christian Jürgens, Gästehaus Klaus Erfort and Sven Elverfeld’s Aqua (3 Michelin stars, 19.5 GaultMillau points). As head chef at Atelier, the 36-year-old sets the very highest standards for himself and his team. This commitment to excellence was rewarded with a first Michelin star in 2014, and the second followed one year later. In 2017, Atelier was presented with 3 Michelin stars for the first time. Hartwig focuses on using regional and seasonal ingredients to create his light and creative dishes, and also tries to source products that are produced and processed sustainably. His cooking has a solid foundation in haute cuisine, upon which he builds contemporary, modern creations without any unnecessary details, ensuring that the product itself is always the star of the show. For Hartwig, food should be about flavours and culinary experiences. Or, in his own words: “My aim is to make sure that my guests have fun when they eat.”

Jan Hartwig at THE EPICURE

Sunday, 8 September 2019

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Atelier, Bayerischer Hof, Munich, Germany