A floral favourite
Sung Anh
Mosu, Seoul, South Korea
In hindsight, it’s not surprising that there is a Mosu restaurant in both Seoul and Hong Kong. Head chef and owner Sung Anh grew up in Seoul surrounded by influences from both these cuisines. When he was young, he helped his parents in their Chinese restaurant in California and later cooked for the US Army. After various stints at top restaurants, in 2015, he opened the first Mosu restaurant in San Francisco, which was awarded a Michelin star in its very first year of business. In 2017, Anh moved back to Seoul where he resurrected Mosu and has since then also set up a three-star restaurant in Hong Kong. Anh’s childhood also provided the inspiration for the name of his restaurant. Mosu represents the Korean pronunciation of Anh’s favourite flower – garden cosmos.
3 Michelin Stars