A tribute to the Mediterranean
Álvaro Salazar
Voro Restaurant, Mallorca, Spain
Álvaro Salazar opened Argos in 2015 and received his first Michelin star just two years later. The following year, the Andalusian was voted Spanish Chef of the Year and in 2019, he launched his most personal project, Voro. In eastern Mallorca, Salazar creates surprising 17 and 22-course menus that always pay tribute to the area and to the history of Mediterranean cuisine. The fact that Voro was awarded a Michelin star in its first year and now has two Michelin stars is probably due to its experienced team: four of its members used to work at Argos. Salazar was taught by various Michelin-star chefs at home and abroad – and by his Aunt Luisa when he was young.