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Angelos Lantos

Born in 1972, Angelos Lantos received his formal training as a chef at the Chef d’Oeuvre culinary school. Drawn by the buzz of the kitchen in his first job as a waiter, he immediately knew he had found his calling, even at a time when being a chef meant being just another cook, and there was nothing glamorous about it. Having worked for some of Greece’s most renowned restaurants, he trained with the likes of Christos Tzieras, Herve Pronzato and Arnaud Bignon, the latter of whom he considers to be the most complete chef he knows.

Lantos embraces and blends traditional cooking techniques and dishes with modern methods and ideas to create something that is truly innovative. He constantly redefines the classical, enriching it with new approaches, a bold combination of fresh and rare ingredients, and original ideas. The aromas of the forest, the scent of smoked wood and Greek olive oil lend unmistakably earthy tones to his simple yet exquisite dishes. To him, food is pleasure, memory, social interaction, communication and culture. He knows the history of his ingredients and is constantly searching for the best produce and growers. Lantos is the first Greek chef to receive 2 Michelin stars.

Angelos Lantos at THE EPICURE

Sunday, 8 September 2019

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Restaurant Spondi, Athens, Greece