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Alvin Leung

Alvin Leung’s extreme Chinese cuisine is an art form. He does to Chinese food what Picasso did to art – he breaks down traditional Chinese food to its purest essence and creates new interpretations in modern forms. Despite his rock ’n’ roll image, Leung’s professional training as an engineer manifests in everything he creates. He puts together new dishes with absolute precision, experimenting with various ingredients and cooking methods until he achieves perfection. Leung believes great-tasting innovative food alone does not make a great restaurant. Instead, diners have to be completely immersed in the Bo Innovation experience, which begins the moment they enter the restaurant. The restaurant’s Zen approach to design creates a comfortable atmosphere in which guests can focus on the food. Leung ’s extreme Chinese cuisine has broken down long-held preconceptions of what Chinese food should look and taste like. He has modernised Chinese cuisine and single-handedly created new taste sensations that give diners a unique experience every time they visit Bo Innovation.

Alvin Leung at THE EPICURE

Saturday, 7 September 2019 and Sunday, 8 September 2019

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Bo Innovation, Hong Kong, China